Required Permission: Make sure you have enabled Manage Service Task.

COMING SOON!: Set service reminders by meter reading

Service reminders help you schedule and track your preventative maintenance (PM) program for your vehicles.

There are three concepts to understand when setting up your service reminders:

  • Service Tasks - what tasks your department cares about doing to keep your apparatus in shape
  • Service Reminders - Set a schedule for doing a task on an apparatus
  • Service Entry - A record that you performed a service task on the vehicle

Service tasks can be added, edited and deleted at 

Service Reminders

Service reminders are the group of settings that bind a task to an apparatus and tells the system when they should be triggered.

Required Reminder Fields
The following fields are required to setup a service reminder:

  • Apparatus: One or many apparatus can be selected. These are the apparatus the reminder will be setup for.
  • Service Task: Which service task do you want to set the reminder for?
  • Interval: How frequently do you want the reminder to be triggered. Examples would be '1 year' or '6 months'
  • Due Soon Interval: How far in advance do you want the system to consider the task 'Due Soon'
  • Starting On: Consider the scenario where you are setting up the system and you know that you want an Oil Change every 1 year. Your last oil change was June 15 of 2017 and today is March 3 of 2018. You can set the 'Starting On' date to be June 15 2018 to line up the system with the schedule you had previously been following.

Notification Fields

If you choose to enable email notifications you can select a ticket type. The system will email the users in that ticket type to let them know when the service task is coming due.
Coming Soon: The system will actually create a work order.

Service Entry

Service Entries are your historical records for the apparatus. You can always add service entries to a vehicle. There are two primary ways to do that.

1. Resolve a Service Reminder

Next to a triggered service reminder you will see an option to 'Enter Service Entry'.

2. Add an Entry

Click on the 'Service History' tab and then click 'Add New Entry'.

No matter how a service entry is added, it will reset the reminder for that vehicle if there is one.

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