Equipment is for your high dollar figure assets. Anything that can be uniquely identified by a number should be tracked as equipment. Some items that would typically be tracked as equipment might be

  • SCBAs
  • PPE
  • Ladders
  • Hose
  • Radios
  • Chainsaws

Equipment Pools

All Equipment Items must be placed in an Equipment Pool. These are groups of like type equipment. What can you do on Equipment Pools?

  • Equipment Check Step: Add an equipment pool with no chose item to a check sheet for assets that move between trucks
  • Links and Files: Add files and links to help educate your members on how to use a tool
  • Add instructions that show up in the checklist
  • Inspections: Create and perform inspections on your SCBA, PPE, Ladders, Hose and much more.

Equipment Items

Equipment items should map to a physical asset in your agency. Equipment items can be found by one of two methods:

  • Identifier: This would be a visual number attached to the equipment item. It must be unique within the equipment pool.
  • Barcode / QR Code: Use our free mobile apps to scan Barcodes or QR Codes on your assets. 

What can you do with Equipment?

Halligan can help keep track of your equipment, track repairs, and make sure the required inspections are being done. Here are the actions you can take on your equipment:


The following fields are available on equipment items

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Cost
  • Tags - This is an additional way to organize your assets. You can create tags and then filter and search your list by those tags.

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