Using Units will allow your physical apparatus to be separate from the callsign of a specific apparatus. This will allow you to keep track of what a specific apparatus is working as. Additionally, it will allow your department to track the amount of time a given truck spends working as various unit to give you a better picture of what units are the toughest on your trucks..


To start using units,  go to the Department tab and click Stations. To add a new Unit to a Station, click the plus sign next to the name of the station.

Note: Once you add units to a Station, you must assign an apparatus to that unit in order for users under a given station to see it on the apparatus tab.

Assigning Apparatus to Units

You will assign apparatus to a unit when you place the apparatus In Service. The ability to do this is tied to the Change Apparatus Service Status permission. 

Users can change service of an apparatus from the web or mobile apps.

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