What is a Workflow?
Workflows outline the maintenance cycle for your out of service equipment and apparatus. Each Workflow you create can contain a unique series of states starting from when an item is first put out of service to when it is fixed. Each state represents a different stage in the repair process. By dragging Tickets from one state to another, you can easily keep track of the current repair status of all your Tickets.

How do I create a new Workflow?
From any page, navigate to the Configure page under the Work Orders tab. From there, click the "Create Workflow" button at the top of the page.

Customizing Workflows
 From the Create Workflow Pop-up, you can name your workflow and add workflow states. These States should describe the various steps between an item being out of service and being repaired.

After you have added all States, click Create. You can always edit a workflow to add more states in the future.

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