Maintenances are showing up on Trucks but not my daily log?

The Halligan side of the integration does not explicitly write to the daily log. This happens automatically when a maintenance is created inside of ERS. We have outlined how to setup your daily log here: If you are still having issues please reach out to ERS Support.

Truck Checks are not syncing over to ERS at all?

First make sure you have setup the integration properly:

Assuming that has been setup, then the next common culprit is permissions. Since Halligan is simply writing completed maintenances into ERS it is necessary that any user completing checklists in Halligan have the permission to ‘Complete Maintenance’ inside of Emergency Reporting. Please ensure that all users completing checklists have the ‘Complete Maintenance’ permission for the maintenance module inside of Emergency Reporting.

I setup my integration but then it ‘disconnected’. 

The integration tries its best to always talk to ERS as the right user. This works if that user signed into Halligan using the Login with Emergency Reporting button. We do this so you have good audit records inside of ERS of who did what.

If we can’t connect as the logged in user, we default back to using the ‘Master’ integration account. This is the user you used to set up the integration here:

Unfortunately, the current authentication pattern implemented between the two systems does not support long running connections. Currently the connection will disconnect after about 7 days of inactivity. 

This means if:

  • You only do truck checks once a week there is a good chance you will get disconnected
  • Some of your users log in directly with Halligan credentials, and some of your users Login with Emergency Reporting then the ‘Master’ account has a higher likelihood of disconnecting.

Ok, that makes sense. But what can I do about it?

Emergency Reporting is actively working to identify a solution to make this work better and will release an update as soon as they can.

In the meantime, contact your ERS rep or support channel. 

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