Let's recap Fleet Controls and Workflow: 

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  1. Configure your apparatus and checklists to get started using your Fleet Controls.
  2. If you'd like, you can import a pre-made checklist from the Checklist Library and associate it with an apparatus. You can always customize the Check Steps to meet your needs. 
  3. Configure Notifications to alert department members when checks are due or past-due. 
  4. Set up Work Order triggers so they will be automatically generated when a check step fails.  You can customize the workflow and monitor repair time and cost in the Tickets tab
  5. Utilize the Service Toggle when an apparatus needs to be taken out of service or to manage unit locations across your department.   
  6. Manage preventative maintenance with Service Reminders.
  7. Performing checks is quick and easy from your desktop or mobile device.
  8.  Visit the Fleet Summary area to get a quick overview of all open Work Orders as well as upcoming and overdue checks
  9. For more detailed reporting, visit the Dashboards tab.
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