The checklist library includes a sampling of real apparatus and equipment checklists used by departments.  Browse these pre-made options before creating checklists of your own.  You may find a list similar to what your department checks and save yourself time in the checklist-building process.  

How to Import a Checklist from the Library

  1. Navigate to the left menu and select Checklist Library.
  2. Toggle between the Apparatus and Equipment sections. 
  3. Filter based on type of check you are looking for. 
  4. Click the Preview button to view the fields contained in the checklist. 
  5. To select a checklist, click Import.
  6. Choose an apparatus to associate the checklist with and click Import.  
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to associate a checklist with multiple apparatuses.   

How to Edit an Imported Checklist

  1. Navigate to the apparatus you selected to associate the checklist with. 
  2. In the Checklist row, select Edit
  3. Use the dropdown to select the checklist you would like to edit. 
  4. Click the icons in the menu next to each category to Add a Check Step, Edit the category name, Copy the category, Delete the category, or Open the list of Check Steps within within the Category.  
  5. Click a Check Step to edit the name or click the X to delete it. 

Remember, you can add, delete or edit as many Categories and Check Steps as you would like so that the imported checklists meet the needs of your departments. 

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