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Create Users

Each person needs their own user account to log into Halligan.  You can create accounts manually or through an import.  Once a User is created, they will receive an email to walk them through the easy steps of account activation.

NOTE: During the creation process you will assign each user a Role. Roles will determine a user's access to various parts of the department.  If you have not set up your roles yet, visit the Permissions tab to do so. 

Manual User Creation:

  1. Select Users from the left menu 
  2. Choose Manage from the drop-down menu
  3. Click Create User at the top of the page
  4. Complete the required fields
  5. Click Create

Your new user will receive an email with an activation link. The email will instruct them to set their password and then log in.  If the new user does not receive the activation link email, you can resend the email manually

Import Users

If you have your user information in a .csv or .tsv file, you can quickly import users in bulk.  

  1. From within the Manage Users page, click Import
  2. Click Upload Data From File
  3. Select a file from your computer 
  4. Map the fields to ensure data is imported properly 
  5. Click Review to view any data errors
  6. Address data errors highlighted in red.  When you are satisfied, click Complete to proceed with the import

Edit Users

Users who have a role with the permission to Edit Users can update, change, and delete information about users in your account.  Make sure you do not change your own role to one without the permission to Edit Users.  If this happens and you are locked out of the User Management tab, please contact support. 

  1.  From the Home page, click the Users tab in the left menu to open a dropdown menu.  
  2. Select Manage from the dropdown. 
  3. Click into any field to edit the information. 
  4. Click Save when you are finished.  

Delete Users

If you would like to delete a user, the option can be found in the menu to the right of the Save button. 

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