Once you’ve selected a file to import, answer the following questions to make sure the fields in your file get brought into Halligan correctly. 

  1. If your first row contains column headings/titles, select  ‘Yes.’  

2. Review each column heading and make sure it corresponds to the information under it.  Here we see our staff's first names are listed under the First Name heading, so we'll click Confirm mapping. 

If the information in column and the column heading do not match, click the grey X in the upper right corner of the window to exit the importer.  Review your .csv file to correct inaccuracies and begin the import again.

3.  If you have additional fields in your file that are not necessary for the Halligan import, select the Ignore this column button.   

4. If you have received an error stating that there is missing information or that not all information has passed validation, click the Review button to see which specific fields triggered the error. 

5.  On the review screen, click the option to Only show rows with problems in the upper left corner.  Fields that need to be addressed are highlighted in red. 

6.  Manually click into the red fields to make necessary changes, or exit out of the import screen by clicking the gray X in the upper right corner, fix the information in your .csv file, and begin the import again.  

7.  When all the issues have been resolved, click Complete in the lower right corner.   

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