Equipment Inspections may also be performed using the Mobile App.

Start an Inspection and Select Items

To start an inspection find the item you want to inspect. Keep in mind that the inspection might ask for items from multiple pools, or multiple items from one pool - all of this can be selected after the inspection is started. For instance, in the video below we start an inspection on a pair of Bunker Pants but then select two Coats to also be included in the inspection.

One other thing to note is that there were two possible inspections that could be started on that item so the user needed to select which inspection to start.

Performing an Inspection - Checklist

After selecting the items you can go through the checklist, completing it step by step.

Performing an Inspection - Service Vendor

More likely than not, you will be getting lots of items back from a service vendor. For instance, you might ship off a set of PPE for an annual cleaning and get a bunch of it back. You should be able to record that in one inspection.

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