Permission: In order to setup inspections you will need the 'Manage Equipment' permission.

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Halligan offers two ways to 'check' individual equipment items:

  1. Truck Checks - see the section on equipment check steps at the link. This will help with 'is it there' type checks.
  2. Equipment Inspections - This is covered in this help article. These inspections are for compliance and more detailed checks on individual equipment items.

Equipment Inspections live at the equipment pool level. This means you can set all the inspections you want on one or more equipment pools and have it apply to all items in the pool.

Quick Start

After setting up some equipment pools go to the 'Checklist Library' and grab some of the inspections offered on the platform.

Build your own

Under any equipment pool you will see an 'Inspection' tab where you can create an inspection. If you intend to create an inspection linked to multiple pools it doesn't matter which one you create it on, you can always update that.

You can create two types on inspections. The each have their own intended use-case:

  • Checklist - Inspections that are performed and recorded internally
  • Service Vendor - Inspections that are performed by an external vendor

To create an inspection find the equipment pools 

Common Configurations

There is a core set of functionality that is shared between both Checklist and Service Vendor inspections. Here are those fields:

  • Linked Equipment Pool: It would make sense that you want a single inspection to cover multiple equipment pools. For instance, this would allow you to create a single SCBA Daily Inspection that covers an SCBA Frame, SCBA Bottle, and SCBA mask.
  • Schedule: You can set an interval of how frequently you want the inspection done as well as the threshold of when you want to be reminded.
  • Allow Personnel to set date of inspection: Sometimes the initial trigger date of the items in your pool don't line up. For instance, you might need to hydro test a subset of your bottles each year, but they don't all line up on a common schedule. This will allow you to create an Inspection for hydro testing and manually set the date for each bottle.

Service Vendor Inspection

Service Vendor Inspections allow you to choose which vendor you are outsourcing this inspection to.

Checklist Inspection

Checklist Inspection allows you to build a inspection form, similar to the way you build truck checks. You can break down your inspections into groups and inspection steps within the groups. The following are the steps available to you:

  • Pass / Fail - Simple pass fail button.
  • Numeric - Shows up a field that accepts a number
  • Select - Gives users a list of choices and they can choose one
  • Comment - Simple text box for any additional user narrative you want to capture

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