Store Rooms help you track the flow of inventory in and out of your department's storage locations. Store Rooms will allow you to:

  • Visualize expiration and inventory items below re-stock levels
  • Perform regular inventory counts of your supply closets and store rooms
  • Record new shipments of inventory

COMING SOON - Future releases will include the following:

  • Requisition forms
  • Store Room to Store Room and Store Room to Apparatus Transfers
  • Improved Reporting on Inventory usage and levels
  • Controlled Substance Cradle to Grave tracking

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Visualize Expirations and Re-Stock

Simply through doing recurring checks and re-stocking your store room, Halligan will tell you which store rooms need attention. The Store Room listing page will summarize what needs attention in the store room.

After clicking into a store room you can see exactly what inventory is expiring or needs re-stock.

Creating a Store Room

To create a store room click 'Add Store Room' at the top right of the Store Room Page.

After creating the store room you will need to add shelves then set the inventory items and levels of those items on the shelves.
Note: See more about setting up inventory here

Re-Stocking an Item

You can Re-Stock items in a Store Room by clicking the 'Re-Stock Items' link. You can add a Vendor, track cost and set information about the quantity and expiration and lot if pertinent to that inventory item.

Performing a Check

You can start or resume a check on a store room. Only one store room check can be in progress at a time. Depending on how you setup your inventory items, the supplies in the check may or may not be tracked by lot.

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