In order to streamline the identification of the equipment in your department, Halligan offers barcode scanning on the mobile application. In order to leverage this you will need to already have barcodes attached to your equipment items. Each barcode should be a unique identifier attached to the equipment item.


To setup you will need to download the mobile application. 

  • Click on one of the apparatus and select Setup Equipment Barcodes.
  • Scan the barcode you put on the equipment item
  • After the the app successfully identifies the barcode it will allow you to either associate the barcode to an existing equipment item in your account, or create a new equipment item. If the system already knows about the equipment item it will show it to you.

The GIF below shows attaching a barcode to an item that already exists inside the system.

Performing a Check

Now that Halligan knows about what barcodes belong to what items, your users can leverage that during the checklist process. 

Add the equipment that you expect to be there into your trucks checklist. Make sure to add an Equipment Check Step. Remember - there are two ways to setup your equipment on a truck:

  • Floating Equipment - This is equipment that moves from truck to truck frequently - like and SCBA Bottle. For these just add a check step with the equipment pool selected and no equipment item. As users go through the truck barcode scanning, those equipment items will be registered as having been seen on that truck that day.
  • Assigned Equipment - For equipment that doesn't move often (e.g. Hydraulic Tools or Chainsaws) you can set the equipment item on the checklist.

Now that you have added barcodes to your equipment, and equipment to your checklists, your users can leverage the barcodes during checks. There is a new button at the top of the checklist that says Scan Equipment. They will need to just scan an Equipment Item and let the app take care of the rest!

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