If you haven't yet read this article it is good to start there.

Google also has a helpful article on Set up your own custom SAML application


  • Start by creating a new SAML Application in the Google Admin
  • This will bring up a Modal where you will want to select SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP
  • This will start you on the first step to setting up the app. It will give you two options. Choose the second to download the IDP Metadata.
  • After you download the XML you will want to open the file, copy the contents and paste it in this field inside of Halligan
  • Add information about the SAML App you are setting up. In this case call it Halligan
  • Next you need to tell Google about Halligan. Start by clicking the the Display Halligan SP Metadata button inside of Halligan on the SAML setup page. This will bring up an XML page that looks similar to the image below. You will want to find the AssertionConsumerService node in the XML document and copy the Location attribute. See the field in the red square below. NOTE: This is different for every department.
  • After you get that URL you can go back to Google and fill out the 4th step of the Google setup process. Entity ID, Name ID and the Name ID Format field can be the same as below. All you should need to change is the ACS URL.
  • On the last step in Google you will want to add the Attribute page to make it look like below
  • Click finish and then make sure that the SAML App is enabled for everybody.

You should now be all setup and see the 'Login with city email' button when you try to login.

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