Inventory will help you manage your small hand tools, perishables, consumables and anything else that is not being tracked as Equipment.
Inventory can be placed and tracked in two distinct ways:

  1. Compartments - Track inventory levels on your trucks by defining compartment layouts and placing those layouts in truck checklists so they can be checked out like everything else.
  2. Store Rooms - Receive new inventory, set re-stock levels, track expiring inventory for supplies that are not yet in service on a vehicle.

Before setting up what inventory lives where between compartments and store rooms, you need to define the various inventory items you want Halligan to track.

Creating Inventory Items

There are three kinds of Inventory items as listed below:

Tools - Tools represent your low dollar figure and non-medical items. These items include axes, pike poles, halligans, spanner wrenches etc. Tools support a very simple tracking pattern: how many are there. 

Medical Supplies - Medical Supplies are tracked by unit count like tools, however they offer some additional options you can enable on the item:

  • Track Expiration Dates - By enabling this the system will prompt for an expiration date whenever taking stock of this item
  • Track Lot Number - Similar to expiration dates, this will give users a text field to fill in when taking stock of an item with this setting enabled.

Drugs - Drugs allow you to track data with all the complexities of the previous two Inventory types. However, they add the ability to mark the drug a controlled substance and to track by volume instead of unit. With track by volume you can do something like set the par value at 500MG vs 10 units. 

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