Equipment is configured as Equipment Pools containing Equipment Items:

  • Equipment Pool - A grouping of Equipment Items that have the same name, remediation steps and check instructions.
  • Equipment Item - An equipment item represents one physical piece of equipment with a unique identifier.

Read more about adding equipment to checklists in our article on How to Create Checklist Steps

Equipment Pool

To create an Equipment Pool, navigate to the Equipment tab and hit 'Create Equipment Pool'.

This will bring up a dialog box that allows you to enter the relevant information about the equipment pool.

  • Name - The name of the equipment Pool
  • Check Instructions - This will show up in the check report
  • Make and Model - This is valuable information that will help us give you more insights moving forward (Exciting reports to come!)
  • Possible Remediation Actions - This is a structured list of common tasks that members of your department must do to fix a piece of equipment during a check. In future releases we will be producing reports and notifications for those pesky pieces of equipment that seem to always need fixing (for instance, that SCBA bottle that always needs a 1000 PSI top-off)

Equipment Items

Each physical piece of equipment you want tracked in Halligan should map to one Equipment Item in some Equipment Pool. Each Equipment Item must have some type of identifier that is unique across the entire Equipment Pool. Some of your equipment might already have numbers (e.g. SCBA Packs and Bottles), while other might make more sense to number based on the apparatus it lives on (e.g. Chainsaws). To create Equipment Items select the item dropdown next to the relevant Equipment Pool and create the items. Make sure to hit save when you are done.

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