Summary:  Stations allow you to effectively organise your Users and Apparatus by station. Both Users and Apparatus can be assigned to specific staitons or to all stations depending on your preferences. This article will show you how to create stations and assign both users and apparatus to them.

Creating a New Station:

1. Under the Department Tab, Click "Stations"

2. Fill in the Name and Address of the New Station and Click "Create"

Assigning Apparatus to a Station:

1. After you have created a Station, you can assign apparatuses to their proper Station. To do so, Navigate to the Apparatus List and click "Edit Apparatus" from the Apparatus Options Menu (indicated below).

2. In the station field of the popup window, enter the desired station name. Then Click "Save"

3. The Apparatus will now display its Station Assignment

Assigning Users To Stations:

1. Navigate to the User Managment Page (under the Users Tab)

2. Under the Station column, Users can be assigned to either a specific station or to all stations.

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